Eurographics 2016 - Full Papers

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Important Conference Information - Eurographics 2016 - Full Papers

Abstract Deadline (UTC): 2015-09-18T23:59:59Z
x days xy:xy:xy remaining
Submission Deadline for CRC or conditionally accepted papers (UTC): 2016-01-31T23:59:59Z
x days xy:xy:xy remaining
SRM Contact eMail:
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Eurographics 2016 - Full Papers

Please refer to the Call for Papers for details and instructions regarding the full papers program.

Please refer to the Instructions page for information on submission, LaTeX templates, etc.

Please refer to the XML review form for detailed information on the evaluation criteria a submission is judged on, and the applied rating scales.

Important Note for Abstract Submission!

Note that a valid abstract submission needs to include the following items:
  • Paper title
  • Complete author list
  • The actual abstract
  • At least one Category
These items are important to allow proper assignment of papers to IPC members!

For the full paper submission, you will also need to upload the paper pdf, a representative image, and any additional material you might have.

Authors and Categories can be added to the submission using the "Add/Edit Category" and "Add/Edit Authors" links in the left-hand-side menu after you have created the submission.

Note that you can edit your abstract submission up to the deadline.

Important Dates

  Submission Notification
Full Papers Abstracts 23:59 UTC/GMT, Friday, September 18, 2015  
Full Papers 23:59 UTC/GMT, Friday, September 25, 2015  
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