Instruction Information

LaTeX -Template

Prepare your submission as a PDF file. You can also include other material such as video, but the paper that is to appear in the proceedings must be in PDF. We ask you to follow the standard layout for Eurographics 2018 (Education Papers) publications. A LaTeX2e style file to generate this layout is available (document class, style file, sample LaTeX2e source, and corresponding PDF output file). In case you do not use LaTeX2e to typeset your paper, please reproduce the style and layout in the sample PDF file as closely as you can in the system you are using.
In either case, please make sure that an image embedded in your paper does not contain transparent pixels (i.e. an alphachannel of a transparent color) because this will lead to problems when the resulting PDF is displayed or printed.

Please add at least one keyword to your submission using the "Add / Edit Categories" - Link.

The review process will be double-blind, so remember to anonymize your submission.

Style for Effective assignments

For effective assignments submissions, use the style containing CGEMS Metadata for better classification.

Final submission (CRC, Camera-Ready Copy)

  • Upload a final (camera-ready) version of your paper to SRM not later than in March 8.
  • Strictly follow the Eurographics layout, preferably use LaTeX2e (see above).
  • Do not forget to upload also filled and signed Copyright form.
  • Do not forget to upload a declaration (a cover letter) that the paper will be presented by one of the authors in the Eurographics 2018 Education Track sessions.
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