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LaTeX - Template

Prepare your submission as a PDF file. You can also include other material such as video, but the paper that is to appear in the proceedings must be in PDF. We ask you to follow the standard layout for Eurographics 2025 (Full CGF Papers) publications. A LaTeX2e style file to generate this layout is available (document class, style file, sample LaTeX2e source, and corresponding submission-PDF and final-PDF output file).
Please make sure that an image embedded in your paper does not contain transparent pixels (i.e., an alpha channel of a transparent color) because this will lead to problems when the resulting PDF is displayed or printed.

Please also add at least one keyword to your submission using the "Add / Edit Categories" - Link.

The review process will be double-blind, so remember to anonymize your submission!

Page Limit

CGF and Eurographics Conference/Workshop proceedings do not impose strict maximum lengths for submitted papers, however papers should only be as long as their content would justify. It is recommended that research papers be up to 10 pages (in CGF latex style including all images but excluding references), and survey papers be up to 20 pages (excluding references). Reviewers might rate a submission lower if it is perceived as being unnecessarily long. Authors are encouraged to use anonymized supplementary documents to provide extra content, which may typically include (but not limited to):
  1. Videos that demonstrate a technique, an algorithm, or a system.
  2. High-resolution images or a large collection of images that cannot be presented in the main body of paper.
  3. Appendices that may be used to present, for example, background mathematical formulation, detailed description of hardware and experiment settings.
  4. Raw data and/or processed data.
  5. Software source code.
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